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Even the Dog is Recycled! April 21, 2009

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2006 was a big year for Eric & I. We decided to move out of our apartment and into a house about three week before our wedding. I secretly wanted to buy a house, just so I could get a dog. We knew we wanted a Golden Retriever mix, so we checked out Petfinder.com and found a bunch of golden mix puppies in our area. So two weeks after coming home from the honeymoon, we went to an adoption day at Petco to check out Pluto a golden retriever mix who had been transported to NJ from a high kill shelter in NC. Petfinder great, since you can find a dog of pretty much any breed available for adoption. Many out of state rescues are even willing to arrange transportation in order to get their dog placed into your home.

Eric firmly objected to adopting a dog so soon after moving into a new house. After all, we just had all of our new furniture delivered the day before. But when he set eyes on Pluto- now Apollo- it was love at first site. For the first year of his life, we couldn’t figure out what kind of dog he was. As spots started to appear on his tongue, we realized he was a Golden mixed with some Chow.

library-3257Apollo Cheesequakecimg1093_2

In the current state of the economy, there are thousands of dogs being displaced from their homes because their owners can no longer afford to take care of them. If you’re considering a new dog, please RECYCLE- errr ADOPT your new friend! If saving a life isn’t good enough reason, consider the fact that mixed breeds (mutts) like Apollo have fewer hereditary problems. And dogs from shelters are cheaper than buying one from a puppy store- but why the heck would you consider doing that anyway?


One Response to “Even the Dog is Recycled!”

  1. Alisha A Says:

    Great post!! Thank you for adopting!

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