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Salt and Vinegar- Not just a tasty potato chip flavor May 25, 2009

But it’s also an all-natural weed killer!

We have random vines of Poison Ivy that seem to infiltrate our yard every summer, and we have the most difficult time getting rid of them.  This year, I’ve made the decision not to use any of those nasty herbicides you find in the big box stores, and I was on a mission to find an all-natural & frugal version I could make myself.

I came across This Garden is Illegal’s list of the 7 Deadly Homemade Weed Killers and came up with a homemade concoction to kill those nasty weeds.

In a microwave safe container, mix:
28 oz of vinegar
1/4 c of salt
Heat until almost boiling, or until salt completely dissolves
Stir in a few drops of dish soap & pour into 32 oz spray bottle (recycled, of course)

Spray on those nasties, and they should be gone for good.  The particularly hardy ones may need a few doses to be completely eliminated.

Here are some of the results of my spraying session this afternoon:

2009 - 1652009 - 167


Save $460 a year by making your own coffee…. April 20, 2009

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I’ll admit.  I’m a Starbucks junkie.  Always will be.  When I worked in the city, I couldn’t resist my Venti bold drip EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Do you have any idea how much that cost me?  With tax, $2.25 a day, $11.25 a week, $45.00 a month, or $540 A YEAR!

A little over a year ago, I took a job closer to home.  Lucky for me, and my wallet, the route to work doesn’t take me past a Starbucks.  For pure convenience, I decided to start brewing my own coffee at home.  I drink Kirkland brand (from Costco) Columbian whole-bean coffee.  I put 4 scoops (I like it strong!) into my Melitta Mill & Brew Coffee Maker to brew half a pot and away I go.  I drink a cup at home to get me out the door, I use a coffee tumbler that looks like a Starbucks Grande cup to take the rest to work with me:


Here’s what it costs me to brew coffee from home for a whole year:

$59.95  3 lb bag of Columbian Roast from Costco $11.99 each * 5 used per year

$11.95  5 Gallons of milk used over the course of the year $2.39 each

Grand Total: $71.90

Total Saved: $468.10

# of Paper Cups Saved: 260

*This cost includes supplies to make coffee 365 days a year, when I was buying Starbucks 260 days a year and still brewing at home on the weekends, so the savings are actually higher than what is posted here*

I could save more money by buying coffee on sale at the grocery store with a coupon.  However, I REALLY enjoy this particular coffee blend and refuse to settle for a cheaper brand!  I think Kirkland Columbian tastes BETTER than the Starbucks I used to drink.